Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Documentary and Performance

HYPNOTIC a documentary (work in progress) directed by Reuben Atlas,which tracks the evolution of the Chicago born 9 member band that makes up Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. This was from the RECESS fundraiser and screening of some clips from the doc.

Noisemakers with Raekwon

This entry in Peter Rosenberg‘s Inside the Actor Studioish series might be my favorite, if not only for the stories from Wu-Tang’s colorful history but for Raekwon’s really solid skills as an engaging interviewee. Next time I will record some audio to go with the photos. And once again the …

Wunmi at South Africa Freedom Day 2009

                          To help celebrate the 15th anniversary of the ending of apartheid, and the election of the first African American president, MoCADApartnered with the Museum for African Art and Imagenation to host Brooklyn’s first ever South African Freedom …

A Family Wedding

In my time shooting seriously. i went from a really cheap film point an shoot to Canon A-1 and Canon Rebel 2000, then to SLR digital. so i missed the whole point and shoot developments. And have only used them when someone asks me to take a picture for them …

Pillow Fight NYC 2009

So this year’s pillow fight was grander yet spread out because of it’s new location at Wall Street. Blockades were set up by police but didn’t stop pillow fights from breaking out after police kicked everyone out.


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