Haitian Rara Band DJA-Rara At Five Myles Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Haitian rara band, DJA-Rara.

From honkfest.org: Originating in Haiti, Rara music is part-carnival, part-social protest,
part-vodou ceremony, and is one of the most breathtaking and contested music
forms in the Americas. Raras utilize African drums, marching band
percussion, bamboo tubes. But the distinctive sound comes from the metal
“Kone” horns that are each tuned to a single note and then are “hocketed” –
where multiple players blow in patterns to create complex melodies.
Traditional song lyrics range from communicating rural news, to performing
spiritual work of a vodou society, to using coded messages to critique
political systems, but the energy is always that of an infectious,
unstoppable celebration.


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