Music Mix: Spring, Stop Playing

spring2014 You – SiairaShawn Love Is the Answer feat Pharrell Williams – Aloe Blacc tous les mêmes – Stromae Back To Love – Bilal Love On The Run feat. Nneka – Blitz The Ambassador All Em (feat. Outasight) [Explicit] – Tanya Morgan In the Moment (feat. Siaira Shawn) – ClassicBeatz …

Tanya Morgan’s New Video – “Never Too Much” Feat. Nitty Scott, MC

Tanya Morgan is the group to gave me my first ever music album cover and the first music video I ever shot was for member Von Pea. I have yet to shoot a music video (aside from this)  for the group as a whole but maybe that will change in the future. But they have a new album coming this week and this new video below. Simple but cleverly shot video:

Von Pea: Film or Digital?

Both pictures of Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan) are from P. Casso’s “Best In Show” video shoot. This debate will probably persist as to what looks better. And it’s probably obvious to most which is film and which is digital (but maybe I’m wrong). Comment and share your thoughts on …


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