First and second DAY in Haiti.

Well that didn’t turn out so well. My original post got erased while I was trying to upload it. Today is a big youth arts festival that Prosjekt Haiti is a part of in Petionville. They are also who is hosting me and some others this week. Currently we are …

Ebert Word Traveling, Richard Not So Much

I have found myself in the past week reading links related to embattled film critic Roger Ebert; An Esquire profile of his life post the removal of his jaw; Ebert’s blog post on walking. In someway the cancer that stripped him of his ability to speak or eat or drink has reinvigorated this sixty-something year-old …

Triumphs and Failures with Leica M7 (First Time)

Rangefinder cameras are a new thing for me to use as they are not practical for me to shell out money for especially the Leica’s. But I do think the M series are more comfortable to use than the Mamiya rangefinders, but i still had lots of blurry pictures, partially …

Two Rainbows in Brooklyn

In the early evening this past Saturday after an abrupt and heavy rainstorm, the sun began to peak out on a mostly overcast day. With it, came two rainbows.


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