Emeline Michel, Come Dance With Me. 3.6.2010

Emeline Michel at Target First Saturdays

Discovered her through a friend, bought an album through itunes, but I wasn’t listening til I heard this song:

Vinn danse manman mwen
ka danse manman mwen
m’ka ba’w diaman manman mwen
m’pap ka peye’w sa mwen dwe’w
vinn danse manman mwen
fo’w souri manman mwen
m’fe’w chante pou manman mwen
pa ka peye’w sa mwen dwe’w

Translation (with my poor bilingual skills):

Come dance with my mother
Can you dance my mother
I can’t give you diamonds my mother
I can’t pay you what I owe you
Come dance my mother
You must smile/laugh my mother
I sing for my mother
I can’t pay you what I owe you

From “Moso Manman”

What MTV had to say about her.

Performing at Target Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum:

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