Ohmega Watts at S*Bs


Ohmega Watts, originally uploaded by richlouis.

I can say it must suck to be an emerging artist opening up for another emerging artist especially at a venue such as S*Bs. with a the mix of tables set up for dining patrons during shows and the standing only crowd packed in the middle, you have to work that much harder to get a crowd that is there for an R&B singer (the talented Teedra Moses) and most likely not really into indie ( i have buried the word underground due the wackness ) hip-hop,

Brooklyn native Ohmega Watts did his best to engage this crowd with his 90-inspired beats and rhymes.

Ohmega rocks the crowd

Meanwhile, I remembered why I don’t like shooting in this venue. Between the crowd that felt more “in the way” and the darn seated patrons (at a show that should be standing-only) asking me if I will be in the way, it is unforgiving to photographers. Unfortunately, I called it a night before Moses came on — the one thing I regret doing.

Bigs ups to Andrew Meza of Ubiquity


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