The Photo Booth at “Haiti to Africa” X BAM Africa 2015 Street Bazaar

This Past Memorial Day weekend,  I set up a photo booth at the suggestion Kim Charles with her “From Haiti to Africa” event which took place during the BAM | DanceAfrica 2015 Bazaar and was presented by Phoenix Refined, Changing Gears Entertainment and La Caye Restaurant.

Mia Luxana
Singer Mia Luxana
Tiga Jean Baptiste
Musician Tiga Jean Baptiste
Kim Charles
Organizer and Fashion Stylist Kim Charles
Yohimbe Sampson
Musician Yohimbe Sampson Meridian Lights
Bradley Valentin
Singer Bradley Valentin of Meridian Lights
Sonya Minnnis
Actress/Singer Sonya Minnis
Dominique Lahens
Dominique Lahens
Blitz the Ambassador
Rapper/musician Blitz the Ambassador
Jason Minnis
Musician/Producer Jason Minnis
PAul Beaubrun
Musician Paul Beaubrun
General Manager of LA Caye Restaurant Ralph Glemaud and Regine Romain
General Manager of LA Caye Restaurant Ralph Glemaud and Photographer Regine Romain

Percusiionist and rapper/ singer Okai and Jennica



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