Two Rainbows in Brooklyn

In the early evening this past Saturday after an abrupt and heavy rainstorm, the sun began to peak out on a mostly overcast day. With it, came two rainbows.

Wyatt Cenac

Wyatt Cenac, originally uploaded by richlouis. @ Frank White’s Rock the Block One of the funniest exchanges to happen this past weekend was between me and this man, all because of my weird memory. As we were introduced my head clicked with familiarity, but i couldn’t place his face just …

dj dhundee at Habana Outpost 2008 opening

dj dhundee at Habana Outpost 2008 opening, originally uploaded by richlouis. So Habana Outpost opened for the 2008 season yesterday all of Brooklyn’s creatives and associates were out in full force of course

On the fire Escape

_MG_3977, originally uploaded by richlouis. this was a curious cat watching me as a looked around an apartment that was being renovated in Crown Heights

through the flea market mirror

through the flea market mirror #1, originally uploaded by richlouis. Well i went to the first flea market in Fort Greene Today — called the Brownstoner Flea Market. It was what I expected in the drastically changing parts of this area of BK. Very much an extension of Manhattan and …

HDR Tinkering

bridge HDR test, originally uploaded by richlouis. So One of the photography-related things I’ve been doing in the past week –during my unemployment– is figuring out how to create HDR images. It’s a technique that isn’t new but has become a hobby of photographers who want show the many ranges …


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