Jerry Jean “Your Love” EP

Jerry Jean’s (and frequent collaborater with yours truly) latest EP, Your Love, officially releases tomorrow, April 21, 2015.  The album features original songs about love, loss, and resilience, sung by four unique female artists. Jen Painter and I shot the videos for the songs that appear on this EP. Click on the …

Video: Amber Iman x Jerry Jean – With You

Piano / recording / mix & master by Jerry Jean Video directed & edited by Jerry Jean Color: Jerry Jean DP: Richard Louissaint DP: Jen Painter Special thanks to Edwin Dolinski and his Yamaha Disklavier Filmed at Terminus Recording Studios NYC JERRY JEAN Official Website: http://www.jerryjean.comFacebook:… AMBER IMAN Facebook:

New DP Work: Jerry Jean feat. Rebecca Silva – Remedy

Written & produced by Jerry Jean. Vocals by Rebecca Silva. Subscribe to JerryJeanMedia for the latest: Remedy digital download:… Official Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Recorded / arranged / produced / mixed & mastered by Jerry Jean Vocals by Rebecca Silva Video directed & edited by …

Video: Jerry Jean “Flight “

Piano / vocals / mix & mastering by Jerry Jean Video produced & edited by Jerry Jean Official website: DP: Richard Louissaint


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