Video: Zing Experience X Boukman Eksperyans

As I get deeper into shooting video like many photographers have been forced to do in the past year, there has been a lot of trial and error,considering the fact that I have been using borrowed gear to shoot what I have shot.. The first two videos were shot on my Mino flip cam and the third with a Canon 7D.  The later has the best quality but alas I have now entered the problems you run into with sound.

More importantly, featured below are  Haitian band (mostly) Zing Experience and  world-known Haitian roots band Boukman Eksperyans. Both consist of singer/musician Paul Beaubrun whose parents founded Boukman. Zing Experience is something that has come into my life and expect to see more mentions of them in my blog and other things in the future. Thank you Paul and Cynthia for being so cool and open to me.

Zing Experience (According to Facebook):

Paul Beaubrun – Lead vocals / Lead Guitar
Cynthia Casasola – Vocals / Dancer / Percussion
Willy Calixte – Bass / Background Vocals
Moliere Calice – Drums / Background vocals / Percussion
Raoul Vixamar Jr. – Haitian Drums / Percussion
Jimmy Cadet – Haitian Drums / percussion
Ted G. Beaubrun- keyboard / Percussion
/ Background vocals
Olivier Amedee – Guitar / Background vocals

Boukman Eksperyans @ SOBS 4.26.10 from Richard Louissaint on Vimeo.

Zing Experience @ Don Hills 5.19.10 from Richard Louissaint on Vimeo.


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