Big Words and Life

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Big Words and Life

The Director

So a few years ago I took down a very personal blog I had maintained for almost 8 years. It fed my need to expunge my thoughts and feelings on life. It also occurred at a time where writing was a big part of my life as a way to pay the bills and what I went to graduate school for.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve completed a story of any length and as I have spent my days recently, taking pictures on the set of my friend’s first feature film. The film, called Big Words
, was written by Neil Drumming who decided after lots of false starts to direct it himself.

It’s been an very inspiring experience to see my friend realize a big life goal of his. Something he felt he would have not felt right about if he had not at least tried to do it.

I have a lot of “wonderful” photos from the shoots as one of the producers likes to describe them. I wish I could share a lot of them but for legal reasons I have to wait.  In the meantime you can see some of them on Drumming’s blog chronicling the making of this film.

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