Haiti, Depature back to the New York

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Haiti, Depature back to the New York


The guesthouse in Delmas

Our last night in Haiti was spent getting back to Delmas from St. Louis du Sud, a task that should have taken three took hours because of ongoing political protests and a murky and sad incident near Route Nationale that held up traffic for miles and required Edwin’s take charge attitude and a couple of locals to get us through. It also didn’t help I was still hurting from my first hike ever up a mountain. But The night ended with having the most amazing rotisserie chicken at restaurant that began as a car wash and evolved into a chicken spot complete with a pastry section. And a birthday celebration for one of the three sisters that live in the guesthouse in Delmas.




Getting to the airport was a bit longer then leaving it when I first arrived. Part of it maybe had to do with it being like a rush hour in Haiti or just how chaotic it is to drive in the city. I asked Edwin how do you navigate with no consistent street signs and streetlights. His answer: you just have to feel it. Yet he says he gets lost in a city like Paris which has an abundance of signs everywhere.

Chad had said he had shed a few tears when he left Haiti on prior trips. I wasn’t expecting it would happen to me but it did as our jet lifted off and the island got smaller.

More photos an video to come. I came to the Island with two film cameras so expect some amazing scans.


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