Things i’d like to accomplish real soon

Tanya Morgan “Moonlighting” cover 2006, originally uploaded by richlouis. 1. Travel with a touring band or artist and shoot their adventures 2. Shoot more album artwork like the one above. and it looks like that wish is coming true. 3. Get on the Magazine editorial bandwagon and have more tear …

Man 6,924 Views and Counting

Chris Brown, originally uploaded by richlouis. # 11 people call this photo a favorite # Viewed 6,924 times This Chris Brown picture gets the most random comments ans is my most viewed photo

a stranger’s bathroom

a stranger’s bathroom, originally uploaded by richlouis. yeah i just felt like putting this up if not for the illustration hanging above the bowl

the mix and things she left behind

All the pictures in this mosaic above were all taken this past Sunday after cousins repeatedly brought up the fact that i did not have my camera at the reception following my cousin’s burial on Saturday. As the resident family photographer i carried my Canon 20d and accessories with me …

Blow out the Candles

azure bday cake01, originally uploaded by richlouis. Well somehow my second Goddaughter up and turned 8 last October wearing some princess-type costume amongst a gaggle (is that even the right word?) of kids in her age group. Then sometime later my cousin let it be know she was months pregnant …

Grams resting

Grams resting, originally uploaded by richlouis. SO my grandmother came down with a bout of pneumonia this past week and was rushed to the hospital Once the Iv and medicine was hooked up she returned to her 86 year old self. I went to see her in the hospital last …


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