Video: MarblePlayTV: Charlie Brotman, An Exclusive Interview

Charlie Brotman is known for his voice as the announcer of every U.S. presidential inaugural parades since 1956. His contributions to giving a play-by-play since Dwight Eisenhower’s 1956 reelection, makes him an American Icon.

Charlie Brotman talents are also known for his play-by-play at a Washington Senators game, the CITI OPEN, or his public relations skills representing the Welterweight Champion Boxer, Sugar Ray Leonard.

Watch this exclusive interview with Charlie Brotman and listen to his stories on presidents, professional athletes and journey through his career in media.
Host: Jeannette Josue
Camera: Richard Louissaint, Joseph Paul Alvaredo
Editing: Doo Soo Kim, Jeannette Josue


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