Haiti, Riding in the back of a truck cabin and the exodus out of Port au Prince

On the way to St. Louis du Sud we go today. A small town south of Port au Prince. It’s about three hours away from where we have been staying, a guesthouse rented out by Prosjekt Haiti that includes young volunteers from Norway, a mother of three who helps maintain the house, and the founders Edwin and Ingvill.


The ride there included a random guy hitching a ride on the back of the van for a few minutes. Holding on like it was not a crazy thing to do. Seeing the shift from Delmas to downtown Port au Prince which included the sight of makeshift neighborhoods. But everywhere you go people are selling something outside on the street and in alleyways. And the burning…smoke rising from the burning of garbage.

I didn’t see as much aftermath from the 2010 earthquake as I thought I’d see in terms of rubble. And I was told a lot of the tent cities had been removed and people moved.

We finally made it to the plot of land where the organization has another school and the unfinished community  where we are staying complete with mosquito nets over or beds. So we are indoors but exposed to the outdoors since there are no glass panes in the Windows.



And I discovered breadfruit:



My first two days have consisted travel by a big pickup truck with passenger room for five people with the rest of us riding outside in the back. And for a country with paved roads in some areas with potholes and some not so paved makes for a amusement park like trip for those riding in the back. And add nighttime when the street lamps might not be on.


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