Blow out the Candles

azure bday cake01, originally uploaded by richlouis.

azure bday cake 02

Well somehow my second Goddaughter up and turned 8 last October wearing some princess-type costume amongst a gaggle (is that even the right word?) of kids in her age group. Then sometime later my cousin let it be know she was months pregnant (7 months currently) and her brother had his second kid. With all this birthing and getting older, what happened last week was pretty unexpected in a life where unexpected things happen.

As one of my many coping tasks I have been trying to pick out songs that make sense as a dedication to my cousin and a pot I placed here has give me lots of ideas. But it's a lot harder to pick out songs for sex, love, etc. than for death.

And Shaun Escoffery (who has dropped off the planet since dropping his debut album in the early 2000s) with his thoughtful lyrics, is one of the many artists I am trying to fit into this proposed mix. wish me luck. If you have any suggestions let me know.

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