the mix and things she left behind

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the mix and things she left behind

tanya mosaic

All the pictures in this mosaic above were all taken this past Sunday after cousins repeatedly brought up the fact that i did not have my camera at the reception following my cousin’s burial on Saturday. As the resident family photographer i carried my Canon 20d and accessories with me on Sunday hoping to capture relatives who were leaving on Monday and those who rarely get to see each other except for life events like these.

I remember the morning I learned about the accident and sort of rushing to my computer to dig up all the images I had taken digitally of my cousin and found the high gradation pictures that for some reason i never worked on or ever showed except recently a few here and there but I’m not sure she ever got to see them or the pics from the family Thanksgivings in 2005.

Then there are those B&w rolls of film that i never picked the fall of 2006 (one of my lowest financial periods ever) and were subsequently trashed by the lab at the end of the year. One of those rolls contend the last shots i took of Tanya with another cousin who i took to a Mexican spot in SOHO the summer of that year. That is something i regretted but had no real choice in the matter.

In another related matter, I have 33 songs to choose from fro my dedication mix to my cousin. It will run the gamut from celebration of life to songs dealing with the sorrow of losing someone in ways more than death. Once i figure out how to use this, I will get going.

Below are two songs that may make it to the mix:

Jhelisa – Sweet Dreams Galactica Rush


Bobbi Humphrey – My Little Girl



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