My First Music Video: Von Pea’s Thanks For Your Children

  I never thought I would actually finish this by my summertime deadline. But it's  here finally and seems to be  making it''s way through the blogsphere. I remember slumming around in my weekday job late spring wondering how to get out of my creative rut and light bulb shined above my head. Who is a music artist that is accessible to me who has no music videos for their project. I remembered shooting the album release party for Von Pea's solo album in 2010 and wondered why no video was ever shot for it. So I contacted him and offered to shoot something for free …

Che Grand Album Outtake

Taken today as album art for his forthcoming debut, Everything’s Good Ugly. The great album cover (below) was shot by Robert Adam Mayer

Partying in the last seven days

From some of the parties attend in the past seven days outside of the Hip Hop 1942 event. Didn’t shoot a whole lot so I am placing all the photos in the post. Peace out to TONE’s redesigned photography site.


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